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Our Experience


Clare B. Wright MA PG Dip (BRS) MRTPI MILM Director, C.B.Wright & Associates Ltd.

I am a Chartered Town Planner and urban designer. I have a range of planning, design and solution-finding skills developed over a span of 30 years in the public, private and third sectors. 

These include planning, development management, planning policy, design management, negotiation, enforcement, neighbourhood planning, exhibition design and management, public engagement and regional planning. All of these bring important skills of planning and design  to develop projects with well-conceived strategies through the planning system in London and the Home Counties.

Our Approach


Engaging a planning consultant ensures your application is presented to a Council in the most effective way, using the best strategy. A planning consultant relieves the stress a planning process can entail and, where required, can track multiple specialists, timescale and budget.

Our service comprises either a rapid assessment or comprehensive consultation, whatever is required for the particular development.  

Our network of specialists provide a continuous service for clients in areas such as listed buildings, affordable housing, highways, high quality contemporary development, sustainability, landscape, biodiversity, ancient woodland, architects, technicians and interior designers.

C.B.Wright & Associates Ltd. and our network of specialists are committed to the highest standards to provide you with the advice and support you require to succeed in your project.

Why Us?

Royal Town Planning Institute

Clare B. Wright is a Chartered Town Planner which means she has achieved the level of professional expertise required to be a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute.

Whether you’re seeking permission for a development scheme, urban design framework, a strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skillset, call us today.