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Clare Wright is one of five Founding Directors of The Community Spirit Partnership. It is a Community Interest Company whose purpose is to assist local people in achieving development that they want to see, through ways including Neighbourhood Development Plans, Community Land Trusts and other mechanisms.

We provide a partnership of outside professional skills with inside local knowledge and expertise to deliver plans and development that will benefit the local community by being inclusive, economically beneficial and environmentally responsible.


  • Community engagement & consultation
  • Urban & rural character studies
  • Neighbourhood plans & master-planning
  • Planning policy & design guidance
  • Urban research
  • Representing the needs of people and place to inform commercial developments

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The people who live, work or use a place play an essential role in developing the character of that place. What makes us different from other planning and design consultancies is connecting our experience in social inclusion and diversity with the planning and design of places. Our aim is to help communities make the connections between people and the place where they live. We do this through actively engaging in creating implementation strategies and actions, using local skills wherever possible. Thereby ensuring development that is wanted and of local benefit.

We can be engaged at any level in your project to provide public engagement and design services to progress improvements wanted by your community: through Neighbourhood Development Plans, community-led plans and other strategy as well as master-planning, character studies, planning policy and other design guidance and research.

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